Wheel chairs (manual and electric) IM / Uribarri / Linfante / Meyra / Sopur / Quickie / Poirier / Invacare / Egamtec
Crutchers, walkers, walking sticks.
Inmediate need products (surgical gloves, masks, incontinence material, plaster bandages, resin bandages).
All kind of Smith Nephew products.
All kind of 3M products.
Rehabilitation material (tractions, thermoplastics, orthesis for functional plasters).
Antideculitve material (silicone, air, water, pillows...).
Technicals helps (bathrooms, adaptators...). Everything for the domiciliary patient.
Orthopaedic prefabricated of shape footwear (neutral, straight, separative). Therapeutic footwear in general. Sportive footwear suitable for orthopaedic insoles.
Mamma prosthesis (provisional and definitive prothesis system) extern use.
Clinical furniture (manual clinical beds and/or electric ones, cranes)